TTC Cycle #1

1st 27 Day Cycle Trying To Conceive a Girl


This time we are trying kinda the “old-fashioned” way, with just a calendar and some good lovin’!  Fingers crossed that we don’t have to get much more strategic than that!


01/17/2015 – Cycle Day 1: Moon Time Began


01/21/2015 – Cycle Day5:  Moon Time Ended


01/24/2015 – CD8/OD5: PARTY TIME!


01/25/2015 – Break Time


01/26/2015 – Gettin’ Busy


01/27/2015 – Ditto


01/28/2015 – And Again!


01/29/2015 – Ovulation Day (OD)


01/30/2015 – OD+1: Took a break


01/31/2015 – OD+2: One last time for good measure!


02/01/2015 – OD+3: Fertilized egg could be in the fallopian tube

– Super Bowl XLIX * #NEvsSEA

– Woke up with heartburn for the first time in over half a year!

02/02/201 – Post Super Bowl Monday back to work

– OD+4: Noticeable cramping

– Heightened sense of smell


02/03/2015 – OD+5: Random nausea & feeling of stomach emptiness around 10AM

– Nausea persisted throughout the day, mild but noticeable

– Noticeable cramping throughout the day

– Heightened sense of smell

– First Response was NEGATIVE

– I know it’s way too early, but if I didn’t know any better…


02/04/2015 – OD+6: Woke up at 6:30AM with no noticeable symptoms

– Nausea began to set in again around 11AM, very similar to MS

– More slight cramping

– Noticed breast tenderness around 2PM

– Embryo could now be in the uterus

– Really starting to wonder…


02/05/2015 – OD+7: Woke up feeling fine, thinking it’s all in my head

– Around 9 AM began to feel increasingly nauseous

– My favorite morning ritual coffee is not satisfying

– The chocolate muffin at work is upsetting my stomach

– Breasts are more tender


02/06/2015 – OD+8: Woke up feeling nauseous

– Nausea subsided around 8AM and began to increase around 11AM

– BFN early evening after work


02/07/2015 – OD+9: Possible IMPLANTATION Day!

– Watched Juno

– Drank an individual Sunny-D

– Took FRER right at midnight to ring in BD birthday!

– But it was a BFN…


02/08/2015 – OD+10: Baby Daddy 35th Birthday!

– Moody & sensitive tatas

– Down about most recent BFN, was hoping for a birthday surprise.


02/09/2015 – OD+11: Tatas very sensitive

– FRER BFN early evening after work

– Thinking “I’m Out”…discouraged


02/10/2015 – OD+12: AF like cramps

– Turned to more of a lower abdominal fullness

– TMI: Gas & increased CM

– Tatas still hurt, feel full, veiny & BD confirmed much bigger

– Crazy Vivid Dreams

– Still hanging on to some hopes after reading forums


2/11/2015 – OD+13:  Extra Sassy!

– Nausea began around 9AM

– Gassy

– Vivid dreams last night

– AF hasn’t arrived yet, but can’t tell if symptoms are PMS or not


02/12/2015 – OD+14/CD1: Expected Moon Time…

– Feel like AF is coming at any moment, thinking “I’m Out”

– Cramps

– Light rusty pink upon wiping mid-afternoon, texted BD “no baby”

– Spotting gone after that…what?

– Planning strategy for next month, calendar, supplies ordered, etc.

– Cried during sad episode of Greys Anatomy, unusual


02/13/2015 – OD+15: Confused!

– No more spotting after that one time yesterday

– 10:15AM and AF nowhere to be found…?

– Barely noticeable pink upon wiping @ 10:45AM, must be her

– Twinge of nausea around 11AM

– Going crazy reading the boards…eek!


02/14/2015 – OD+16: Valentines Day!

– AF started last night

– I’M OUT for this month 😦


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