Growing Up

 To tell this story properly I must go back a number of years.  So let’s start by running through a summary of my life leading up to my move out west.  My parents both grew up in a small town in Wisconsin called Marshfield.  They both grew up with their parents and each had six siblings.  My Dad was friends with my Mom’s brother and my Mom was friend’s with my Dad’s sister.  They grew up, dated, got married and went off to college at the University of Wisconsin.  My mother received a degree in Interior Design and my father became an Electrical Engineer.  They were married for nine years before starting a family.

 In 1979 I was born in Indianapolis, Indiana.  My younger sister was born nineteen months later and when I was four we moved from Noblesville, Indiana to Brighton, Michigan.  This move was prompted by a strategic business opportunity for my father.  We moved into a gorgeous beige brick colonial with a formal entry door that changed color every few years.  One side of the home was literally covered in crawling ivy, the drive was lined with burning bushes and the front was lined with young birch trees.  We had an acre lot where an in-ground pool was eventually installed.  We were within walking distance of the exemplary Elementary School and Middle School, some of the best in the state, where we attended as we grew.  The darling downtown was lined with quaint shops, an old-school ice cream parlor, a playground and a duck pond.  It was an idyllic and all but crime free place to grow up.

 My sister and I grew older, graduated from high school and went on to the college of our choice.  Around this time our parents divorced.  So I decided to move out on my own and headed south to Nashville, Tennessee to attend Belmont University.  That was a beautifully crazy time in my life!  I graduated with a Degree in Music Business and moved back home.

I eventually got a job at a bank selling home loans.  I learned quickly and was on the fast track with two promotions in three and a half years.  So at 28 years of age I was a Home Lending Manager making more than I knew what to do with.  Those years were some of the best of my life, but also incredibly stressful.