First Trimester

Wow…we are sooooooooo thrilled to get our BFP on our second try!  I must admit that I was pretty worried considering I am “of advanced maternal age” being 35 and I’m no skinny mini!  That first cycle I was completely OBSESSED with anything & everything related to TTC, which was all consuming.  I realized that that kind of pressure was not good for either of us.  So I had a “talking to” with myself and relaxed through the next one.  Granted I did begin BBT charting, we both took supplements, used a strategic calendar family planning schedule and incorporated PreSeed into our bedroom activities.  However once the window closed I made sure I was busy with other things and did my best to keep my mind off of it.  And voila…we’re pregnant!!  WOOT WOOT!  So now begins the progression thriough this crazy science experimant called pregnancy!  I will do my best to stay on top of this, because it’s good for me to record it and I know it can be like crack for those TTC and those expecting!  As always, please fee free to reach out and ask me any questions you may have!  Here we go:

03/12/15 – OD+13:  We got our official BFP last night!!!


03/13/15 – OD+14/4wks:  Feel Awesome! No symptoms.

03/14/15 – OD+15/4w1d:  Feel Awesome! No symptoms.

03/15/15 – OD+16/4w2d01:  Feel Awesome, extra energy! Crazy Dreams!

03/16/15 – OD+17/4w3d:  Feel Awesome, extra energy! Crazy Dreams!

03/17/15 – OD+18/4w4d:  Feel Awesome, extra energy! Crazy Dreams!

03/18/15 – OD+19/4w5d: Pronounced feeling of fullness in lower abdomen, but no nausea yet!

03/19/15 – OD+20/4w6d:  Feel Awesome, extra energy! Crazy Dreams!


03/20/15 – OD+21/5wks:  Still feeling good, but starting to feel more tired & BD would say kinda moody!

03/21/15 – OD+22/5w1d:  Broke the news to my Mom on her 66th birthday!  Best reaction ever!

03/22/15 – OD+23/5w2d:  Thank goodness it’s the weekend so I can sleep!!

03/23/15 – OD+24/5w3d:  The work days are beginning to seem longer than usual!

03/24/15 – OD+25/5w4d:  Felt mildly nauseous for a short time this afternoon, but it passed quickly.

03/25/15 – OD+26/5w5d:  Felt nauseous a couple more times today; wondering if morning sickness is starting?

03/26/15 – OD+27/5w6d:  Occasional nausea again today, but it’s so mild and passes so quickly I’m not sure.


03/27/15 – OD+28/6wks:  Yep, definately morning sickness!  I could barely stomach my Pizza Friday pizza!

03/28/15 – OD+29/6w1d:  Ok, this officially sucks…I’m now nauseous 24/7 😦

03/29/15 – OD+30/6w2d:  Nauseous all day, tried to throw up to make myself feel better & couldn’t even do that.

03/30/15 – OD+31/6w3d:  Sick all day, but got through the day.  Thank goodness my morning sickness aides arrived via Amazon!

03/31/15 – OD+32/6w4d:  Definately the worst day so far, had my head in my hands focused on breathing more than once.  Even stepped out for air!

04/01/15 – OD+33/6w5d:  Actually woke up ok and managed symptoms with natural remedies until just before lunch, started feeling bad again.






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